Ken Wanovich

  •  Guitarist
  • Vocalist
  • Performer
  • Entertainer


Three Reasons Why Ken is the Best!


Ken has been performing locally and nationally for over 40 years! He is known for providing a high-energy, quality, fun, entertaining, and engaging performance.

“Ken‟s music is outstanding! It appeals to a very wide age group. Since Ken has started performing here, we frequently have to seat the overflow crowd in our party room.”                                 – Joe Bowman, Esteban‟s Entertainment Manager

“Ken, I‟m having a problem this morning… There‟s too damn much money in the till,     I can hardly count it all… You are awesome!!!!!”
                                              – Cedric Ellingson, Bo‟s ‘N Mine Owner


Ken connects with people at an honest, authentic level that must be experienced to understand.

”Thank you for making our night out without kids a memorable one. You have an incredible voice and range. So enjoyable. We loved it!”
– Gary & Susan, (recent note in tip jar)

”Ken is a master at engaging the crowd and plays the songs that everyone loves to hear.  He is a pleasure to have in-house!”                                                    – Kris O‟Gara, Owner of O‟Gara‟s Irish Pub


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Ken covers a multitude of musical styles from the 1950’s to present day pop music. He can turn a room into a concert hall using his story telling and acoustic fingerstyles, or into a party room with the audience singing and dancing to a variety of their favorite songs.

“Ken thoroughly loves to play the guitar and entertain his audience. You can tell he is happy to be on stage. When you have the kind of passion that Ken has it really connects with his audience and pulls them into a participation mode that most musicians simply cannot accomplish. That is what separates Ken from all other musicians who play one song after another, and it simply becomes back ground music. We look forward to the nights Ken is performing as we are guaranteed a wonderful time.”

– Dave P, fan and friend