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Fri     Aug 23 - Lucky's 13, Burnsville Center, 5-8pm.

Sat    Aug 24 - Al's Center Saloon, Center City, 8:30pm.

Sun   Aug 25 - The Dock Cafe, Stillwater, 2-5pm.


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Ken in Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Who Is Ken Wanovich?

Ken Wanovich is a solo musician who entertains audiences in the tropical island paradise of Isla Mujeres, Mexico as well as the beautiful Sarasota, Florida area.

Ken will captivate you, transporting you back in time to move-and-groove and sing-along with all your favorite songs!  Ken uses acoustic classic rock styles, accomplished acoustic fingerstyles, smooth and engaging vocals, plus a little magic harmony and some driving percussion to get a virtual one-man-band experience. Whether you're in the mood to dance, sing along, or just enjoy the journey, Ken brings together the very best in high energy classic rock, musical reminiscing, and just plain fun!



Singing & Serving In Mexico

It's a "Leap of Faith"

Faith…  It’s such a misunderstood topic.   Some see it as a blind belief in the unknown.  I see it as a confident belief in what we know to be true but won’t be realized until we take that first step into what cannot be seen by the human eye.  Only after we take that first step in “faith” will we be able to “see” what was previously unseen by the human eye, but confidently known in our hearts. 

One of my favorite movie series is “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  In the third movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones was in possession of an ancient book that detailed the path to the Holy Grail, the cup purported to have been used by Jesus to drink from during the Last Supper.  As his wounded father lay dying from a bullet wound, Indie had the map containing directions to the chalice containing healing powers to all who drank from it. 

As Indie traverses through a maze of obstacles, he comes to a great chasm deeper than the eye can see.  There is no visible way to cross to the other side.  As Indie studies the map, he realizes the words written in the book are to be taken literally: “It is a leap of faith.” 

My first trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico was in 1989, just after hurricane Gilbert had decimated a path across the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. After a week of intense labor with my church group rebuilding homes near Merida, a large city four hours west of Cancun, I found myself in a group of 12 enjoying a day of rest on the island of Isla Mujeres, a short 25-minute ferry ride from Cancun. This “mom & pop” Mexican paradise was a trip back in time, with seafood galore and the bluest blue ocean I had ever seen.  I knew in my heart that someday I would stake my claim and live here on this little island! 

That “someday” is now becoming a reality.  My wife Debbie and I have now moved to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  We sold our home, sold all our furniture, gave away tons of our precious possessions to friends, and secured a little one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the island. 

But why…. why now?  After some recent tragedies in the lives of our families and loved ones, we realize that time is a fleeting commodity and tomorrow is not a guarantee.  Music has been very good to me, and teaching has been very good to Debbie. On an April Saturday morning at the breakfast table reflecting on God’s goodness and faithfulness, fully aware of our “mature” season in life, we decided that it was now or never to make the move to the island we both love!  We crunched the numbers, and came to the conclusion that with my music money both in Mexico and summers in Minnesota, along with Debbie’s pension and Social Security, we would have more than enough for a full and meaningful life living as ex-Pats (American Citizens living overseas) in Mexico. 

Scary?!?  Absolutely!  But it’s a “Leap of Faith.”  As Indiana Jones gathered his composure and moved forward with a hint of confidence, his first step landed on a stone bridge previously unseen… invisible until he took that first step.  That’s the key to faith… taking that first step! It’s knowing in your heart of hearts that you’re going in the right direction, yet trusting God to reveal that bridge across the unknown... one step at a time. 

Thank you for your continued support - attending my live music events as well as being generous in the "thank you" jar.  Please share our story with your friends and family.  Until next time…