"Fan"tastic Reviews

“Ken has performed for us at two different locations, with two different clientele and has been above and beyond everyone's expectation at both. He plays a regular gig for us at the one location and it has come to be the highlight of our month when he shows up every other Saturday. Ken is not a local singer, he is a performer and makes you feel like you got to spend the night at your own private concert!!!”  
     - Cedric, Bo’s ‘N Mine & The Hammond Hotel

“Ken has an incredible connection to his music that shows in every song he plays. His talent is unsurpassed. When Ken plays, you find yourself involved in an unforgettable experience as he instantly develops a personal and memorable connection with his audience. Whether it's your first time or your twenty-first time, Ken's performances are powerful and moving.”
     - Chuck, former professional radio personality and lifelong fan

“Ken is a master at engaging the crowd and plays the songs that everyone loves to hear. He is a very pleasant and easy-going person and a pleasure to have in-house.”
      - Kris O’Gara, O’Gara’s Garage and Pub

“Ken is my favorite musician. He has the charisma, talent and the enthusiasm to make a memorable musical event into a life changing experience. I would have Ken lead any event because he has the broadest range of musical experience and repertoire. He is comfortable at river boat parties, corporate events, receptions, as well as leading a contemporary worship experience. Ken loves people and it shows in how he engages the audience to sing along. He has the aura and ability to lift people into another dimension of joy and tranquility. Hire Ken. He is the best I’ve worked with period.”
      - Larry Forsberg, Pastor / non-profit leader for 34 years / friend

“Ken is an extremely talented musician with a wonderfully unique ability to bond with his audience. From those wonderful oldies to classic folk songs and his original work, Ken's repertoire is extensive and his guitar and vocal arrangements are enjoyed by folks of all ages.”
      - Jim, long time fan and friend

“Ken has proven himself through consistent musical excellence, personal warmth with people, and sensitive interaction. Quality. Connection. Responsiveness. He does not disappoint.”
      - Dennis, Communication Specialist / long time fan and friend

“I have heard Ken many times. Every time I go see him it is a fun, entertaining, and leaves me singing in the car the whole way home. I have a blast and can't wait to see him again.”
     - Eric, fan and friend

“I have been to a number of Ken's performances around town. You can see the joy music brings to his life immediately. He is one of the most sincere, positive and musically talented people I know. His personality and music never fail to draw the audience in and make them feel personally involved in the performance.”

     - Alexis, fan and friend

“Ken thoroughly loves to play the guitar and entertain his audience, and you can tell he is happy to be on stage. When you have the kind of passion that Ken has it really resonates throughout his audience and pulls them into a participation mode that most musicians simply cannot accomplish. This is what separates Ken from all other musicians who play one song after the other, and become back ground music. We look forward to the nights Ken is performing as we are guaranteed a wonderful time.”
     - Dave, fan and friend

“I have always felt when Ken puts on a show... I more than get my money’s worth. His personal charm and musical professionalism is refreshing.”
     - Willie, long-time fan and friend

“Ken is a wildly talented vocalist and guitarist. His smooth, engaging style makes him a delight for audiences of all ages.”

     - Belinda, long-time fan and friend

"I have had the opportunity to see Ken entertain in various venues including weddings, company parties, anniversary parties, banquets, and boat cruises. Ken has the ability to connect to the audience, and be flawless going from the musical styles of the 50's & 60’s... to Country… to R&B… to the Classic Rock era of the 70's-80's... to Top 40 hits. I count it a privilege to have been able to accompany Ken on drums at many of these musical events. It was easy to watch Ken take over as we provided the background musical support.”
     - John, drummer for Ken since 1993

“Ken has an amazing ability to put any audience at ease and fall in love with the music - whether it be at a church, a bar, bat mitzvah, or graduation. He is charismatic, incredibly talented, and has a spirit that embraces every one he comes into contact with. Not only is he a gifted musician, he is a leader, teacher, and performer beyond any I have had the pleasure to perform with. Thank you Ken - you are truly amazing.”

     - Pam, vocalist, worship leader, and friend

“Ken Wanovich has the special ability to entertain people of all walks of life through his music. Whenever my wife and I see him perform, we know that we will always walk away with a smile on our face.”
     - Drew, fan and friend

“I have had the good fortune to know and play music with Ken Wanovich for over 30 years. Ken has the unique ability to play the guitar and sing with excellence while engaging the audience and making them feel welcome. Ken is able to play music from so many different genres that every audience he plays for...feels like they were sitting with the original artist! Ken is an amazing talent and I feel blessed to have been able to perform with him.”

     - Todd, longtime fan and friend

"Ken is a great guitar player. His picking skills are second to none and, the best part is, he does it with a smile. He has this ability to bring me back to the moment when the song he is playing had its place in my life. More often than not you will hear people singing along, laughing at the memory of something funny, or just become very quiet as they remember a feeling. Thank you Ken for just being that good!"
     - Franck, fan and friend

“Ken has always been my favorite musician. He draws you into the performance. He touches your heart, fills your soul, and leaves you with a smile in your life. God bless you, Ken. I cherish our friendship.”
      - Norm, fan and long-time friend

“Ken has a wonderful style that is enjoyable to people of all ages.”

      - Colleen, White Bear Lake Manitou Days Arts & Crafts Fair

"I have been a regular fan of Ken's at the Madcapper in Stillwater for a couple of years now. He plays the guitar extremely well and he has a wonderful voice. Ken truly has the desire to entertain, he gets involved with the fans and makes each evening a memorable one. I thoroughly enjoy watching him perform, it seems as if he is having more fun than the people he is entertaining."

     - Ivan, fan and friend

"Not only does Ken possess excellent musical skills but one of the things I have appreciated most about him is his ability to fit in to any situation or audience and set people at ease. This, in turn, allows them to have a time away from the cares and worries of the day and enjoy a time of relaxation."
     - Roger, fan and friend

“Ken is a positive, caring, loving, cheerful, vibrant, friendly and humble person. He has the gift of music, is an excellent guitarist, and has a beautiful voice. His ability to interact on a personal level with people has been a blessing to us.”
      - Bob & Carrie, fans & friends

“Ken fosters relationships and memories with his guitar. His ability to connect and communicate with any audience by playing only the good notes speaks to the heart and soul of this man and his guitar!”
     - Jeff, fan and friend

“Ken loves what he does and is a gifted musician. He plays songs whose popularity span all generations. His passion for music reflects the quality of his performances.”
     - Randy & Kathy, fans and friends